We invite you to take a minute and get to know your Lyndon Station Fire & Rescue

Larry Whaley
Fire Department Chief
Member Since 2006
Larry is from upstate New York and has been a volunteer fireman since 2002. Larry moved to Lyndon Station in 2004. He is married to Kristi and has 2 step-children, Bryan and Erika and one grandson, Brody. Larry works as a Group Leader at Seneca Foods in Baraboo and has been there since 2009. Larry joined the fire department because he felt the need to become involved in the community and felt he could over his experience as a firefighter. Larry also became a First Responder with the department. Larry was promoted to Lieutenant in 2011. Larry was appointed Chief in 2013. Larry says that he is “most proud of the team that has been put together in 2014. Our roster continues to grow and the teamwork is just amazing. The dependability, unity, togetherness-it’s very inspiring. There are no politics at the department level and that’s a great feeling”. “ I couldn’t be prouder to be serving as Lyndon Station Fire Chief.”
“There have also been many upgrades to the department as far as a new washer, upgrading our Jaws of Life, new First Responder Gear and much more.”
Ben Hall
1st Assistant Chief
Member Since 1999
Ben was born in Lyndon Station and has never left his hometown. He has a wife named Amy and two girls, Autumn and Abigail. Ben has worked for the City of Baraboo for 1 year. He joined the fire department when a friend asked him to because he wanted to help those in need. Ben is most proud of all of the new and updated equipment the department has acquired over the past 10 years.
One of Ben’s goals is to keep costs down to save the taxpayers money.

Chief Whaley’s Comment: “Ben is a very knowledgeable, dedicated member of the department.”
Troy Madland
2nd Assistant Chief
Member Since 2002
Troy grew up in Baraboo and moved to Lyndon Station in 1994. Troy owns and operates Lyndell Dairy Farm just outside of Lyndon with his wife Sandy and 3 children: Garrett, Theresa and Johanna. Troy decided to join the LSFD in 2002 to help his community. “It’s a joy to serve my community. Many good folks have come and gone since I have been a member. I have had the opportunity to hold the previous positions of Lieutenant and Captain. I am currently 2nd I look forward to continuing my role with the Department. It’s been an honor to serve this community.
Chief Whaley’s Comment: “Troy is very personable, good morale builder, good sense of humor and professional in every sense of the word.”

J  Krus
Member Since 2001

John grew up in Mauston, WI and moved to Lyndon Station about 15 years ago.
He has a wonderful family. He works for the City of Mauston and he and his wife own Krus Extinguishers.
John says he is very dedicated to fire safety. He joined the team to help out the community.
John says the best thing that has inspired him is educating people in fire safety, teaching adults and children about fires, escape plans, smoke detectors and what to do when a fire strikes.

Mark Baas
Member Since 2010
Mark grew up in Greenfield, WI. After camping in the Lyndon Station area for many years, he moved to the area in 2006. Mark has a daughter Allison who is 17 and a son Evan who is 14. They are both very proud their father is a member of the LSFD. Mark has always enjoyed helping others whether friends or strangers. If he witnessed a crash or someone with a flat tire, he stopped to help. By joining the department, Mark says it allows him to help people whenever they need it. He is most proud of putting other people’s needs in front of his own. It doesn’t matter if he is sleeping or eating a nice steak dinner, when the pager goes off, Mark says he’s on his way to the station! Mark says his goal is to educate people about safety and to make the community a better place by showing people how to help others. Mark says it makes you feel really good about yourself.
Chief Whaley’s Comment: “Mark is the maintenance man at the department and is also the community education director for fire. He’s a great teacher and a very loyal and reliable member of the department.”

Erika Golden
EMS Chief
Member Since 2010
Erika grew up in Necedah, WI and has lived in Lyndon Station for 6 years. She is married to Russell Watters and they have a son Devyn who is 11 years old. Erika works as a Juneau County 911 dispatcher. Erika joined the fire department as a First Responder to save lives and inspire others to do the same.  Erika is most proud of the dedication and sacrifice the members make to support our community. Erika says what inspires her the most about the department is knowing that there are still people out there who care enough about others to stop everything in their lives to support another person at their most vulnerable moments. The members of our fire/rescue department are rare individuals full of love and bravery. We work and run as a family to ensure that the job at hand gets done, whether it is putting out a fire or providing first response medical care. I can be proud every day of my LSFD family. Erika’s goals are to continue to expand the scope of practice for our Emergency Medical Responders to become Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s)
Chief’s Comment: “The EMS department carries with it a unique challenge of its’ own, especially in a small community. It takes a strong and supportive leader, like Erika, to help with the stress and emotions that the responders deal with on a daily basis”. “Erika uses unique training tools to keep it interesting. She does a great job keeping us current on our skills and providing trainings at times that work for everyone.”
Kristi Whaley
First Responder
Member Since 2006
Kristi has lived in the Lyndon Station area most of her life. She is married to Larry, the LSFD Fire Chief. She has a daughter Erika, who is the LSFD EMS Chief, a son Bryan and a grandson Brody who is 5. She is a Director of Admissions at Golden Living Center in Wisconsin Dells and has been there for 3 years. Kristi enjoys spending time volunteering at various functions. Kristi and her husband were both looking for a way to give back to the community. The fire department seemed like the perfect thing to do. She has always liked to help others and this was just another way to be able to do that. Kristi is currently the longest serving First Responder on the department. Kristi is also the Secretary/Treasurer for the department. Kristi says the thing she is most proud of with the department is the teamwork. “The members currently serving on the department are proud, honest, devoted and such a great team!” “One thing I would like to see happen is that our number of first responders increases in the coming year.”
Chief Whaley’s Comment: “Kristi is my most valuable asset on the department, for she is my strength and I am her biggest fan.”
Cassie Illgen
Firefighter/First Responder
Member Since 2008
Cassie moved to Wisconsin from Tampa, Florida and has lived in Lyndon Station for 19 years. She currently works at Kalahari in Wisconsin Dells. Cassie has 4 daughters and 2 sons. She has a fiancée and says they “live life to the fullest.” Cassie volunteers as a Firefighter/First Responder and has been on the LSFD since 2008. She is the first in her family to work in EMS and hopes to pass her love for EMS on to her kids. She says her 8 year old, Jasmine, is showing an interest already and asks about calls, showing an interest in being like her which Cassie feels is neat because Jasmine is the very reason she joined. “As a baby, Jasmine had multiple seizures and it was the skill and heart of the LSFD that made me want to join the department”. “The way they cared for my daughter and I in those moments of distress and emergency is now how I care for others in their time of need.”
Michael Kogue
Fire Fighter
Member Since 2012
Michael grew up in France. He spent 35 years in Illinois before relocating to Lyndon Station 10 years ago. “I have a beautiful wife and four sons.” Michael has been working at Arrowhead Campground for the past 5 years and is known for his amazing carpentry skills and strong work ethic. “A co-worker, who was also a LSFD member, introduced me to the idea of joining the Department. I’m proud to be part of a team that helps the community any way that they can. They have become like a second family to me.”
Chief Whaley’s Comment: “A volunteer in every sense of the word.”
Bill Beerkircher
Member Since 2013
Bill is originally from Loganville and has lived in Reedsburg, Wisconsin Dells, Baraboo and now has lived in Lyndon Station for 3 years with his wife Kayla, where they plan to stay. They purchased a home and officially became residents of Lyndon Station on their first Valentine’s Day as husband and wife. Bill has worked for the State of WI for over 7 years. Bill joined the department to become more involved in the community. Bill’s father was a volunteer firefighter and he is proud to follow in his footsteps. Since moving to Lyndon, Bill says he has felt at home although it was weird at first, having neighbors always knocking on the door wanting to give them chickens or ducks or wanting to pick up scrap metal.
David Kogue
Fire Fighter
Member Since 2013
David grew up in Illinois and has been living in Lyndon Station for the past 8 years.
David joined the LSFD following his father’s lead to be a part of a team committed to serving the people of Lyndon.
“My wonderful daughter inspires me to be a better person. Joining the LSFD is doing exactly that. It feels great to help the community.”
Chief Whaley’s Comment: “Very eager, respectful, silent asset to the department.”
Neal Miller
Fire Fighter/EMS
Member Since 2013
Neal is from Milwaukee and has lived in Lyndon Station for 2 years.
Neal is in his 3rd year working at the Kalahari in Wisconsin Dells.
Neal has always wanted to be a member of a fire department. “I aspire to be a Lieutenant or Captain in the future.”

Chief Whaley’s Comment: “Dedicated, hard-working, lofty goals, eager to learn.”
 Gene Churchill
Fire Fighter
Member Since 2014
Gene is from Lyndon Station. He lived in Reedsburg and has been back in Lyndon for 2 years.
Gene has worked at Flambeau for 23 years and is raising 2 boys, 10 and 7 years old.
The Churchill Family has always been proud to serve in the community and it has become a family tradition to be a part of LSFD/EMS. “I have seen the Department ever evolving over the years but the one thing that never changes is the amazing team atmosphere.”
Chief Whaley’s Comment: “Refreshing new member, great asset to the department and to the community.”
CJ Sanford
Fire Fighter
Member Since 2014
CJ is from Wisconsin Rapids and has been living in Lyndon Station for 2 years.
CJ is in his 3rd year working at the Kalahari in Wisconsin Dells.
CJ decided to join the department for a new experience and to be more proactive in the community.

Chief Whaley’s Comment: “Very mature, eager to take on any task that’s asked of him.”
Hal Schneider
Fire Fighter
Member Since 2014
Hal was born in Olympia Washington and then lived in Crystal Lake IL for 43 years. He retired to Lyndon Station in 2008. “It was the obvious place as I had spent most of my summers and weekends here growing up.” I have a 28 year old son and a beautiful girlfriend Jen. Hal has been in the garbage industry for 30 plus years and is currently working for Lenorud Services in Mauston. “I joined the LSFD to help serve the community I live in. Being on the fire department is so much more than just putting out fires. There aren’t accurate words to describe how it makes you feel to be a critical component of a unit no matter what your individual role is. I am that firefighter you see serving in any capacity possible.”

Chief Whaley’s Comment: “Brings a calm, mature, joyful nature to the department.”
Jen Kadela
Fire Fighter
Member Since 2014
Jen grew up in Wisconsin Dells and moved to Lyndon Station about 15 years ago. She has "a wonderful boyfriend Hal and two children, Camryn and Xander". Jen owns her own business and spends many hours volunteering. Jen joined the Lyndon Station Fire Department "to educate myself on how a small town department works and to provide my experiences to the community through photography".  In the short time she has been with the team, Jen says she "has been inspired by the commitment the firefighters have in educating our youth".

Chief Whaley’s Comment: “Enthusiastic, go-getter, organization. She seemingly can’t do enough for the department.”
Cliff Nagy
Member since 2014
Jordon Andres
Member since 2014

Jordan grew up in Mauston and moved back to the Lyndon Station area about 2 years ago. He has worked for Frontier Communications as a Customer Zone tech for eight years.
Jordan has been with his wife for 11 years and married for 4. They have 2 children, Simon and Maci.
Jordan says he has always wanted to be on a fire department and enjoys helping others out.
Brian MacMiller
Member since 2014

Brian grew up in Madison and moved to Lyndon Station with his wife Amy 1 year ago. They have 2 kids, Taylor and Jake, and they have had a seasonal site at Arrowhead campground for 15 years. They own Mac's bar in Lyndon Station. Brian also works at Western States Label in Sun Prairie and has been there for over 20 years.
Brian joined the department to be involved in the community and to help people. His goals are to learn as much as he can so that he can help on any call and says that in the short time he's been on, it is exciting to see how close the members are on the department.
Harry Jorgenson
Member since 2014

Harry grew up in Stoughton WI and moved to Lyndon Station about 9 years ago.
He has worked for Clark Disposal for 2 years. He has one sister who is 10 years older than him.
Harry says he joined the department to help out the community. He says he is proud of the way everybody comes together in this town to help out the fire department.
Harrys goal is to purchase a home in the future.

Joel Martinez
Member since 2001



Duayne Walker
Member since

Josh Ludke
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