Lyndon Station Fire & Rescue
What Is a Paid-On-Call Firefighter/EMS Personnel ? A paid-on-call firefighter is a homeowner or other resident of our Village or Townships who, just like you, has an interest in helping his or her neighbors whenever a fire, accident or other natural disaster strikes. As a paid-on-call department, the Lyndon Station Fire Department depends upon the timely and determined response of these citizen members who selflessly serve their community when the alarm sounds. Under the general direction of the Fire Chief, a paid-on-call firefighter or EMS personnel is responsible for answering calls, and extinguishing fires, protecting life and property, operating and maintaining fire equipment, apparatus and quarters. The position requires extensive training in the use of apparatus, tools, and equipment and the performance of hazardous tasks under emergency conditions, which may require strenuous exertion under such handicaps as smoke and cramped surroundings, and in the inspections of buildings for fire hazards to prevent fires from starting. Essential Duties and Responsibilities While not all-inclusive, the following duties are normal for this position: • Respond to fire and other emergency medical calls • Drive and operate fire/ EMS vehicles and equipment • Select hose and nozzle depending on the type of fire and direct stream of water or chemical onto fire • Position and climb ladders to gain access to upper levels of buildings or to assist individuals from burning structures • Create openings in buildings for ventilation or entrance using an ax, chisel, crowbar, smoke ejectors and power saws • Administer first aid and artificial respiration to injured persons and those overcome by fire and smoke • Communicate with supervisor during fire using portable two way radio • Participate in drills, demonstrations, and courses in hydraulics, pump operation and maintenance, and firefighting techniques • Attend training courses, read and study assigned materials related to fire prevention, suppression, rescue, training and public fire safety education • Perform assigned duties in maintaining apparatus, quarters, buildings, equipment, grounds, and hydrants • Inspect buildings for fire hazards and compliance with fire prevention ordinances • Issue forms to building owners listing fire regulation violations to be corrected • Participate in public fire safety education Physical Demands and Work Environment Firefighting is very heavy work. You will be exerting in excess of 100 pounds of force occasionally, and/or in excess of 50 pounds of force frequently, and/or in excess of 20 pounds of force constantly to move objects. The job is performed both indoors and outdoors in approximately equal amounts. Firefighter/EMS personnel are occasionally exposed to hazards or risk of bodily injury. They are also occasionally exposed to extreme heat, extreme cold, and wet or humid conditions. There is also occasional exposure to odors, toxic conditions, dust, poor ventilation, vibrations, and moderate noise. Minimum Requirements for a Paid-On-Call Firefighter/EMS • 18 years of age • Posses a high school diploma or equivalent • Live within the Village of Lyndon Station or within eight (8) miles of a Lyndon Station Fire Station • Posses a valid driver's license issued by the State of Wisconsin • No felony convictions • Not subject to restrictions that would interfere with firefighting/EMS duties Previous education or experience in the area of firefighting is not necessary. Successful applicants will be provided with the equipment and support needed to complete State of Wisconsin entry-level firefighting training requirements (60 hours) as well as the Lyndon Station Fire Department's minimum skills requirements (approximately 20 hours) during their probationary period of employment. Desired Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities • Ability to think clearly and react effectively in emergency situations • Ability to understand and follow oral or written instructions • Ability to use reason and good judgment in dealing with all kinds of people • Ability to climb ladders and work at considerable heights • Ability to work in restrictive clothing and confined spaces • Ability to work in hazardous environments Application and Hiring Process Step 1 Applications for the position of paid-on-call firefighter/EMS are available at the Lyndon Station Village Hall. They are also available on the Lyndon Station website. Completed forms should be returned to the Fire Chief. Step 2 Candidates are interviewed by the Fire Chief. Step 3 Based on the results of the interviews, the Fire Chief presents an eligibility list to the Village Board. Step 4 The Village Police Department conducts a background check on a candidate(s) recommended for the appointment as determined for the particular hiring. Step 5 If the background check does not identify any issues that in the opinion of the Fire Chief, would impact the candidate's ability to serve, or represent the Village of Lyndon Station. Training If you do not have previous firefighting or EMS, education or experience, you will be provided with the equipment and support needed to complete State of Wisconsin entry-level firefighter training which is provided by the Western Technical College. Entry Level Firefighter Part 1 (30 hour course) and Entry Level Firefighter Part 2 (additional 30 hour course) introduce you to the basic knowledge and skills necessary to perform fire fighting functions under direct supervision. This training is a combination of classroom instruction and practical application and concludes with a final exam.
Topics covered in Entry Level Firefighter II include: • Hazardous Materials Awareness • Ladders - Basics and Carries • Ladders - Raises and Climbs • Introduction to Rope • Ladders - Hose and Rescue • Fire Control Lecture • Fire Control Practical - Vehicle Fire, Dumpster Fire, Extinguishers, Wildland • Fire Control - Structural Fire Evolutions • Loss Control
Topics covered in Entry Level Firefighter I include: Firefighter Safety • Fire behavior • Portable Extinguishers • Personal protective Equipment and Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus • Search and Rescue / Forcible Entry • Fire Hose (Basics, Coupling and Rolls) • Water Supply, Fire Streams, Hose Loads
Upon completion of entry level firefighter training, you will be required to complete the Lyndon Station Fire Department's New Recruit Training (approximately 20 hours). This training will cover the use of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus, Engine Company operations, Ladder Company Operations, Extrication and Radio Communications. The training culminates with a written examination and a minimum skills test. The purpose of this training is to provide a consistent curriculum for all new recruits, to ensure all recruits are exposed to a standard set of requirements and skills, and a uniform understanding of the Department's policies, procedures, Standard Operating Guidelines (SOGs) and evolutions prior to being authorized as a responding member of the Department. Members are encouraged to continue their education with the Firefighter 1 Course (36 hours) which, upon successful completion of written and practical examination results in certification as a Firefighter 1. This certification is a state requirement for entry into the Certified Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator training program. Training for EMS Personnel Members interested in becoming an EMT, will be put through the State of Wisconsin’s EMT Basic program (144 hours) thru either MATC or WTC. This class will prepare a member to evaluate and treat a variety of threatening and non-life threatening injuries. Also included in this class will be clinical time at a hospital and in the field ambulance ride along. After this course is completed, a member will need to pass both the written and practical exams of the National Registry of EMT’s. Once the class and the National Registry have been successfully completed, the member will receive a license from the State of Wisconsin. After a member has received their license, they will begin an orientation period that will last approximately 12-24 calls. During this orientation period, an EMT will be observed on calls by their fellow crew members and a written post call review will be performed. Once sufficient in the field experience has been gained, the EMT will be given full EMT status. Throughout the year, EMT’s will be required to attend at least 3 in-house trainings, held on the 4th Monday of every other month, along with 6 hours of advanced skill refreshers at Hess Memorial Hospital. EMT’s will also need to complete the EMT Basic refresher (30 hours) every 2 years and members will need to recertify their CPR every 2 yrs. Continuing as an Active Member of the Fire Department Paid-on-call firefighters are expected to attend regularly scheduled training sessions throughout the year and respond to the fire stations when paged and instructed to do so (at those times when available). Meeting/training are scheduled for the first Monday of each month from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. During the week containing the third Monday of each month, a firefighter is also required to attend one fire drills that are held from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Paid-on-call firefighters are paid a wage of $12.00 for drill attendance and are encouraged to attend one fire drill and one meeting/training each month. Using a 12-month rolling average, paid-on-call firefighters are required to attend at least 50 % of the scheduled fire department drills and 50% of meetings. Auxiliary/Fire Bell Members Needed Lyndon Station Fire/Rescue department is recruiting members to serve in administrative and other non-firefighting capacities. The following is a list of positions that can be filled by non-firefighting personnel:
A. Fire prevention staff B. Public fire and safety education C. Facility and equipment maintenance D. Fundraising E. Grant writer
F. Computer experts G. Graphics developer H. Accountant/auditor I. Financial advisor J. Legal advisor
Who to Contact If you would like to explore this opportunity further, please contact Fire Chief Larry Whaley or EMS Chief Erika Golden by e-mail or call 608-666-2580 and leave a message. You are also welcome to stop by Lyndon Station Fire Station at 7:00 in the evening of the first Monday of each month when firefighter/EMS meeting is occurring.
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